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VKS has extensive experience in designing software for market research companies and users. VKS has designed many market research tools, packages, utilities for leading market research companies.

VKS has been ahead of time when it comes to offering innovative solutions. VKS has designed tools for clients which helps client from data entry stage to final presentation.

Custom CAPI / CATI / CAWI / PDA CAPI Products :

CAPI replaces the pen and paper questionnaire by software which has been programmed for logical routing. CAPI helps where the questionnaires are very complex. Its cost effective and consistent when used for tracking studies.

VKS has designed CAPI products long back since 1996. We have seen the changes in market research industry and has always prepared with tools needed by serious market researchers.

CAPI designed by VKS supports various Indian languages. The screens are designed such that data collection becomes more accurate and is error free. The CAPI helps in maintaining quota, back checks, team interviewer, and team leader details required for field team.

VKS has CAWI tools to prepare online interviews. These cawi tools help in launching survey online. The individual links are prepared for respondents. The data collection is monitored using various status reporting options.

The data collection by various CAPI tools is converted into various formats needed by client.

Dashboards and Reporting Tools :

VKS has designed numerous reporting tools for Indian as well as international clients. These tools help research companies to provide value added services to their clients. Many times Researcher work on tracking studies where client frequently demands variety of tables and data. With reporting tools as value added services, helps end clients to drill down data at their end. This saves lots of researcher’s time and gives customer satisfaction.

The tools automates charting in excel and power point presentations.

Data Entry Packages :
Many times clients have studies to be done in decentralized way. The data received from various suppliers, finally don’t match the formats, quality and timelines. This puts the project in critical situation. VKS supplies data entry packages for decentralized studies where certain data entry standards, quality , accuracy are to be maintained among various suppliers. VKS can also manage and compile data from various suppliers and finally hand over consolidated data to clients.
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