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d Single / Multi Punch Data Entry
Mostly we do data entry of Physical forms of Pen and Paper interviews, Scanned images of Pen and Paper interviews. Our systems are set in place to input data with more accuracy and validations.

Our skilled data entry operators specialize in providing high quality data entry service on time. We can carry out data entry for complex questionnaires easily.

We provide the data in various standard formats used by analytics like ASCII – Single card, multi card with single punch as well as multi punch data format. We also provide data in client specific format like excel, xml, csv, dbf, any other custom formats.

VKS has a powerful solution for the overseas market research / field agencies or data collecting agencies looking for outsourcing of data processing activities at low cost.

e Open Ended (OE) / Verbatim Coding
Verbatim responses carry valuable information. We know the qualitative aspect of the research. The experienced coding team prepares the listings, code frames, verbatim typing, and verbatim coding. We have extensive experience in open ended coding of ad-test , product test, CAPI / CATI studies. Utmost care is taken to create netting or sub headings of the code frame so tables generated has decisive data.

We deliver output in various formats like ASCII, Excel, Database formats.
d Data Cleaning / Data Editing
Also known as data editing / data cleansing, the purpose of this activity is to get the valid data to get correct tables. The tables on unclean data lead to confusion and are highly unreliable.

Many times the data collected by field has errors due to complex instructions or poor quality. Unfortunately every other study has this problem. We write instructions to check the consistency in data and generate the possible logical errors.As Many times we suggest analysts, the checks that missing from program.

We provide data cleaning of CAPI / CATI / CAWI studies. The data collected generally required data conversion and cleaning.
r Cross Tabulations/ Data Analytics

We have custom made analysis tools to produce various levels of reports specific to client needs. Data is processed and summarized in easy to understand, easy to read format. We understand the objective of researcher and so generate the detailed report. Many times, we deliver the data in various format so post data activities can be done at their end.

At VKS, we also supply SPSS and Quantum syntax to Market Research clients which helps them in speed up the process.

Presentation slides and charting facility is also provided on request.

r Quality Assurance
Quality is habit at VKS. We believe that quality is never an accident. It is the result of high intention, sincere, skilful intelligent efforts. We assure minimum quality level of 99.5 % data punching. On client request with additional efforts and cost, we provide quality level of 99.99 %.

Every employee joining VKS is trained to deliver the best quality work. We have internal process to monitor the quality.

More details on the process can be send by email on request.

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